Meepies + Cyko Headz

Awww---the Cyko Headz and Meepies get along so well living together in peace on Headz Jungle Island! But when overpopulation starts and they spawn a new mini manic mutation, the Meep Headz, things go downhill real fast in this way-too-crowded paradise. Frantic and full of fight, the Meep Headz battle in CykoSlamz Arena with fun-filled, flicking frenzy!

Drop 03-24-2023  |  CykoSlamz Game: End of March

What's a Meep Headz?

Meep Headz CykoSlamz are digital milk caps which use a combination of attributes and rarities from other Cyko digital collectibles including Cyko Headz, Meemop Mania and Action Cards as well as backgrounds, logos and designs from the Cyko KO universe. If Cyko Headz and Meepies are the parents--Meep Headz are the troublesome toddlers!


How to Get Meep Headz

You can get one in these short steps!
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1. Install Metamask

Install Metamask! Just follow the instructions and it will install on your browser.

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2. Connect Theta Mainnet

Next to go to Chainlist and click "Connect Wallet" under the Theta icon. This will automatically set up Theta Mainnet in your Metamask.

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3. Start Minting!

After you get a few Meep Headz, you're ready to play CykoSlamz and play for keeps!

Rob Feldman
Creator - Artist

I'm a Ringo-Award nominated comic book creator, animation producer and Theta TV streamer best known for my print and online creations, Cyko KO and Newgrounds series, Dr. Shroud. When I’m not drawing or talking someone’s ear off, I'm exploring the emerging blockchain landscape of digital collectibles, finding exciting new hazy IPAs and attempting to uncover the elusive, yet perfect, one-bite pizza. Watch me on Theta TV!

Austin Patkos

I'm a seasoned developer with numerous certifications and experience in development including dozens of apps, Unity, Android, AWS, iOS and more. 

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